Let s Feel The Nature

Let's Feel The Nature...

Could there be a better way to learn ways to create effective teams, team harmony, personal awareness, communication, empathy and problem solving than outdoor trainings? With licensed, experienced, friendly and competent trainers of Derin Training & HR Consulting's outdoor training is going to be an exciting and pleasing learning adventure for you...


Outdoor trainings help us understand that many basic competencies such as communication, motivation, persuasion, trust, solidarity, self-respect, decision-making and creativity are notions that we are not born with, but we learn and grow them within ourselves.


The main purposes in Outdoor Group Dynamics are to fasten the formation of teams of the employees, to increase the team performance by increasing personal motivation, to form teams that know and can manage itself, to ameliorate personal and interpersonal communication, to increase the corporate efficiency by adopting a client-oriented and a result-oriented approach.




With the "Experimental Learning" approach, the main aim is to make participants experience different environments and different attributes that these changing environments can bring. The "Experimental Learning" is a fast process and the participants will be able to observe the improvements very soon.

The method we prefer is called "Atelier of Life" during which, participants, who have so many different experiences, will be able to transfer knowledge, communication and abilities. This practice, which will give the participants the feeling to manage and control each other and themselves, is an enthusiastic team work.




"Variables/Adaptation to the Environmental Factors" Fastly changing working conditions are full of ambiguities, and we meet different variables every day. We aim to increase the participants' ability to come into action as early as possible. "Balancing of the Roles" The comfy training environment, where each individual can be himself/herself, display his character causes the people's personal contributions to be noticed. Accordingly, what all participants notice in the end is themselves' and others' personal and collective developments.



"Trust building" It helps the team members to be aware of each other, to build respect and trust among themselves. "Pleasure and Fun" The chosen activities are efficient tools in learning by having fun and increasing motivation.



Those who want to work in a more harmonious environment, improve basic and managerial competencies, ameliorate interpersonal communication, leadership attributes, decision-making and strategic thinking.

It can also be applied during distributorship meetings, or during corporate amalgamations as insert practices, or as a half-day or one day long sessions as energizers.



It is suggested as an effective tool for ASSESSMENT practices and selection processes.



In outdoor activities, there are messages that we transfer to all of the participants, that's why these activities have an educational sense. The harmony within the team, communication, trust, motivation and result-oriented perspective are the features that we mean to improve. Outdoor Group Dynamics activities make participants live and experience the novelties about themselves and their teams in a non-risky, educational and enjoyable environment.


One of the most important features of the adult training is experimental learning. We let them learn the things by living and doing.


Besides, these novelties are far from being theoretical, that's why it is almost impossible for those who participate to forget what they have learned.



With Outdoor Group Dynamics activities, one can understand that it is possible to change the things that we think changing would be impossible. Besides, we also aim the participants to see that the team itself is as important as the individual when it comes to the success. We aim creating a difference and awareness in individuals. Our activities provide an effective experience in short-term and makes transferring these experiences into business environment easy.



Creating Effective Teams

Building Trust

Motivation and Incorporation

Willingness to Learn

Change Management

Developing Strategies

Developing Leadership



Outdoor Group Dynamics activities are held in three different categories grouped as basic, intermediate and advanced.


Basic Outdoor Programs: This level consists of both motivational and development-oriented activities, that are taught by experienced and competent professionals.


Intermediate and Advanced Outdoor Programs: The subjects within these levels are made to fit the advanced needs of the participants; Istanbul and neighboring towns -if needed- are used as the place of outdoor activities.


In all of the progressive programs, we begin our unique training with an observation of the group profile, then we draw up reports on the expected developments and finally present this project to the administration of the company that we will offer our services to.


Our activities provide an effective experience in short-term and makes transferring these experiences into business environment easy.


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