Assessment Center Activities

Assessment Center projects are among the basic services of Derin HR Consulting. The projects are designed according to the company's requests. We offer our services during the employment processes of companies, or to determine the development demands of the already existing employees. Our projects are developed by different methodologies and they are uniquely prepared for your best.

Probable levels of the activity:
For the competency model to be formed, the competencies that matter for the company need to be determined according to the vision and mission of that company.


For the activity to be developed effectively, we need identify the tools for assessment according to the determined competencies. This parallelity between the tools and the competencies would help us forming the right matrix, and our purpose in all these points is the observation of each competency with one or more tools.

The activities that are developed by observers sometimes need to be supported by senior executives of the company. When such a need takes place, we offer our services to support the senior executives during the preparation period by trainings.

The agreement activity at the end of the observations is when the observations of different observers are shared and when they make decisions on candidates. The competency-based reporting also takes place at this level.

We have interviews at the end of the detailed activity. During the interviews, each candidate is told the evaluation of his/her performance and a detailed feedback is given.

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