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Derin Training and HR Consultancy was founded in 2004 by Minu Edis who has been one of the senior managers of Arthur Andersen /Ernst & Young Consultancy and by Mesut Daşcı who has been a director in media business. Minu Edis who has been working in HR, Consultancy and Training areas for all through her carrier, continues to work in different training areas as a trainer, consultant and also as an exclusive coach for executives. Derin Training and HR Consultancy, provides HR and training services with tailor-made projects, aiming to develop the competency of managers and employees. Derin Training and HR Consultancy conducts training and consultancy projects with many local and international companies . Derin Training and HR Consultancy has worked with more than 100 different companies with more than 18.000 participants and conducted more than 80 different topics since 2004. Derin Training and HR Consultancy provides customized trainings enriched by new methodologies and targets, mid to long term consultancy solutions for the companies with a professional team of experienced consultants and trainers maintaining its diversified know how and working dicipline. As a leading firm of specialized consultants, Derin Training & HR Consultancy makes difference with its service excellence and sustainability.

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