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Trainer Support

Some institutions already have training programs that are specially designed for them and they sometimes need their employees to be trained according to these already existing programs.


In such cases, instead of employing a trainer they might prefer working with a professional trainer out of their organization.


What kind of services do we offer?

For the training program to be held and delivered at the same standards, we support the company according to their needs.


When we receive such a request, we offer them our best with our experienced, competent and professional trainers and accordingly, the company obtains the chance to train its employees according to its own standards and expectations.


Content Development Support

After identifying the educational needs of the companies by their HR or training departments, we support the requesting company with our services in the field of developing contents in a professional manner. We help them understand what is missing and make them act accordingly.


This is the process of preparing contents by observing the purposes of that company.


In the following process, the trainings are held by the trainers at the pool of Derin Training.

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