Corporate Adventure Races

The purposes in Corporate Adventure Races are to fasten the participants' ability to form effective teams, to ameliorate the performance of the team by improving their personal motivations, to create teams which know and can manage itself, to improve the state of belonging, to increase the corporate productivity by thinking in a result-oriented manner.


We aim to provide the participants with the ability to manage stress and conflict.


During the program, the participants experience the obligation of depending on each other and trusting each other.


Aside from its incredible advantages to the work life, the participants will also obtain interesting and many acquisitions in the field of sports. The program will teach them the ability of orienteering and managing oneself in the nature. (Mount bicycle, trekking, mountaineering...)


What the participants will obtain in the end of the program are team working, decision-making, problem solving, managing stress and conflicts. They will also be able to review their already existing competencies.

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