Leadership Development Activities

These programs are based on the fact that managerial development requires personal awareness. We not only offer the participants different methods but we also try showing them the "True Leadership Model", which differs from one person to another.


Different activities are held within the Leadership Development Program. These activities are all based on "Experimental Learning". Through these activities, the participants create different perceptions and develop awareness. We aim to support them through the whole process by showing them new models and methods and guiding them with the help of our mindmapping system.


Leadership Development Programs are held under three different categories.

Future Leaders

This program is designed for those who are going to have the access to leadership positions in 1-3 years. The issues that are highlighted during this program are Identifying the Attributes of A Leader, Personal Vision of Leadership, Me As A Leader, Team Working and Communication Skills, Developing Firmness, Change Management and Action Plan For Permanent Development.

Team Leaders

This program is designed for those who are going to lead for the very first time. We aim to make participants understand the cycle of team management and adapt it to their daily work routines. We also offer services in fields such as developing the necessary skills to direct the team, creating a personal vision of leadership and proactive approach for the change.

High Executives

This program is suggested for the high executives. The prerequisite for participating is minimum five years of managerial experience. The highlighted subjects from the program are the review of personal leadership vision, interpersonal communication skills at an advanced level, widening of the personal comfort zone, stress management, improving the ability to create new strategies and creating personal awareness with 360 degrees feedback.

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