Team Working on the Boat

The programs, that are realised in the boats, begin with the transfer of basic sailing techniques. The difference of this program lies in its special character: team members have to be in the same milieu, leaving the boat is forbidden! And accordingly, they need to behave in this manner.


The activity begins with boats that carry 6-7 participants. Each of these participants have different duties in the boat but throughout the process, these duties are transferred among participants so they have the opportunity to experience different responsibilities within the boat.


Observations Regarding the Activities

Life in the boat is the projection of the real business life. An unexpected situation might occur any time; responsibilities and duties can suddenly change; and of course, the variables concerning these roles have significant importance. In this sense, the activities require team work and collaboration. The members of the team sometimes might decide on themselves but the result would belong to all of the team, as it is this way also in the daily work routine.


Examination of the strategies in front of changing conditions, importance of the team performance, managing conflicts and stress are the highlighted issues of this training. What we aim to provide to the participants is the interpersonal harmony and understanding.


Preparation Process Before The Activity

We also offer our services before we get on the boat. A preparation is a must because the participants also need to be psychologically ready to face this challenge. During this preparation period, we make the participants begin taking decisions.

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