Outdoor Group Dynamics

Outdoor Group Dynamics

The main purposes in Outdoor Group Dynamics are to fasten the formation of teams of the employees, to increase the team performance by increasing personal motivation, to form teams that know and can control itself, to ameliorate personal and interpersonal communication, to increase the corporate efficiency by adopting a client-oriented and a result-oriented approach.


During the program, the necessity of depending on each other and trust creates and improves respect and trust in all of the participants. And such new sensational platforms have very positive influences on the relations that the employees have in their workfields.


During the training sessions that are run to identify and improve "the attributes of a team", our activities are chosen to build trust and increase the team's performance. Outdoor trainings help us understand that many basic competencies such as communication, motivation, persuasion, trust, solidarity, self-respect, decision-making and creativity are notions that we are not born with, but we learn and grow them within ourselves.


The Aim of the Program:

The participants need to learn by doing, to improve their performances, to increase their motivation, to concretize the idea that they are good.



The activities all have different levels and in order to succeed, the participants need to be aware of the fact that it is them to create support and trust within the team. That's why one of the most important features of the program is its motivational character. Concepts such as communication, team work, interpersonal relationship building, creativity, result-oriented perspective are revised by motivational methods according to the team's needs.



The activities are not physically so difficult. There are 4 main activities and in total we have 12 activities. It is an effective method to create awareness by transferral of feed backs, videos and shared experiences.


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