Marketing-Sales Programs

These programs are prepared to improve the efficient sales and marketing abilities of the permanent staff. Accordingly, unique to company practices are applied along with theoretical knowledge.


Basic Sales Techniques

The goal of the Basic Sales Techniques program is to bring in the unexperienced members of the sales department with the required knowledge which would also help them have efficient sales abilities.


This program consists of the general knowledge on contemporary marketing and sales, we also transfer the successful sales methods that anyone can use despite personal dissimilarities. We aim to create an awareness in each person and we want each participant to be able to observe the awakening and development in oneself.


Sales Management

In today's world, the personal needs and expectations change so fastly. This pace also reverberates to the world of sales and marketing. That's why the knowledge we aim to transfer within this program is the market dominance and meeting the clients' needs. From beginning to the end, you can observe all levels of sales during this program.


At the end our aim is to make the participants adopt the principles of being a trustable brand.


Client-Oriented Services

Services that satisfy the needs and wants identified by clients are client-oriented services. Client-identified needs may not match client needs as perceived by the service organization's staff and management. To provide client-oriented services, staffers listen to and learn about their clients through regular conversations, surveys and feedback.

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