Personal Development Programs

Personal Development Programs, that are prepared to improve the skills and experiences of both the organization and the employees, are educational and developing programs. We aim to improve the efficiency by improving the basic behavioural competencies. We enlighten the participants by making them be aware of their personal values and thus, the process of behavioural development begins.


In the scope of Personal Development Programs, below are the main training programs.


Presentation Techniques

When there is a limited time to transfer some knowledge, a project; it is very important to use the time effectively, to present the issue with the relevant material. If you able to do so, your self-esteem and control will also increase by itself. In this program, we let the participants rehearse so that they could also get feedbacks and suggestions.


Emotional Intelligence

The way we feel, the way we think and our proficiency in turning our thoughts into behaviours sometimes carry us forward, whereas it is also probable that due panic, we might also be led to feel unsuccessful.


That's why we can only take the right steps, if we discover ourselves. And we can only reach the point we want to be, if we use the necessary techniques.


These techniques are held within the limits of personal awareness and the participants are directed one-by-one through development goals.


Effective Communication Techniques

The main purpose of the program is to let the participants adopt in principle multi-dimensional and healthy communication skills while discovering themselves and their clients. We also show ideal methods and strengthen them with real examples. What we achieve in the end is the permanent use of these skills.


Creating Team Spirit

The situation in the intensive and tiring workplace sometimes complicates human relations and the ability to focus on something. Yet, we know that those who can share duties efficiently, those who can trust each other and who can communicate are working more effectively and successfully and they also reach their aims faster than the others.


In this program, during which we join theory and practice together, we provide the participants with required knowledge on team competency. Our aim is to strengthen the bond between the team members and to make them feel that each of them is unique and equally necessary for that team.


Creativity and Personal Motivation

In this program, we are helping the participants with showing them how important they are for the creativity of the team. We also show them what kind of bottlenecks they create, and manage their creative skills by discovering their potentials.


Moreover, we teach them the meaning and importance of personal motivation in order to reach their professional goals. It is in their hands to motivate themselves and their colleagues with the usage of true methods, and we make them become aware of their motivating potentials.


Professional Office Management

Fastly developing technologies, concepts of management and the notion of total quality management are up-to-date issues nowadays. The executive assistant is our main object in this program. We aim to fit the executive assistant with the basic concepts of office management, the amelioration of interpersonal relations, and ways to manage stress and anger within the workplace.

In this program, during which we create a model of the real workplace, we also teach ways to manage his/her time and his/her senior's time. The importance of managing the senior and client relations are also other issues that we provide detailed information on.


Time and Stress Management

The main purpose of this program is to help participants achieve efficient and positive results by teaching them how to use time and sources of stress more effectively.


This program is supporting the participants' motivation by increasing their personal activities, by letting them motivate others and by making them build positive relations. The core element in all these concepts is the positive usage of the stress.


Through the inventories that are held before and during the program, we also give suggestions on personal development.


The Personal Image In Professional Life

The personal image and its importance in the professional world are emphasized in this program. The way you look is the way you are going to be perceived by other professionals and companies. Besides, we also explain the codes of conduct and the relationship between the self-esteem and creating a positive impression.


At the first phase of the program, we examine the balance and consistency within one's character. We also help participants discover the blind points in their personality and afterwards we focus on reflecting the enthusiasm and excitement that exists in each of us. Our main purpose is of course creating a right and positive impression.

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